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Welcome to, Where you can find high quality Sound Design and Music Production for all you musical needs. Alto j is a well trained sound producer having studied the art for 2 years with some of the indisutries best, and past experience in producing Pop and Dance music and also Djing.

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Jake aka alto j, has been involved with all types of music for a very long time. His favourites including house, dance, techno and anything with a good beat. He lives in Australia, where he spends most of his time making tunes and mixes in his studio. After just taking to the decks and making a few different mixes here and there in 2005-2006 this wasn’t enough. He then started to take his music ...

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Here at altos' home studio there has been a few "little" updates. Out with the old monitors and in with the new! After spending years with KRK VST8s in a small sized room, there where alot of low end issues, after addressing problematic frequences in the room that where reproduced from the VXTs, I decided that these monitors where just still not cutting it and i could not get great details in the mixes i was working on... until now! Introducing the Nuemann KH120, fantastic acurate sound reproduction finally!!!

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